Yup we’re nerds

And proud of it

About the nerds

India outsourcing ‘gooros’, entrepreneurs, digital fanatics.

We wear several hats – that’s not a signifier of not knowing what we want to do per se. More a reflection of how our clients buy tech and digital services and strange folk like us who are obsessed with a ‘bunch of stuff’ don’t fit into the traditional boxes.

White-Label outsourcing

No matter your requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Be it building up your own off-shore team of savvy engineers in India, developing digital activation campaigns, implementing messenger chatbots in your clients’ marketing mix or running PPC or Facebook Ad campaigns for your clients, we got you covered. As trusted white-label outsourcing partner, we’ve shaped and steered tech projects for some of UK’s leading agencies,

Entrepreneurs at heart

As featured in

We’ve been running our own business ventures and e-commerce start-ups successfully for almost a decade – both in the UK and in India. So we’ve learnt a thing or two about digital. And the importance of having a tech team that has your back and you can 100% rely on.

As trusted white-label outsourcing partner we’ve shaped tech projects for some of UK’s leading agencies

Smart white label services

At the end of the day, profitability rules the world. We’ll always go above and beyond to give you the best options.

Flexible Engagement Models

The flexibility, quality controls and cost-savings of our outsourcing solutions are unique. For you this means off-shore cost-savings and local, stringent quality controls.

Technology Agnostic

For us agile development means being technology agnostic about specific languages as well as agnostic about technology approaches.

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